Registration FAQs

Proof of Age

All players who are new to Bellevue Youth Soccer Club must provide proof of age. A photocopy of a state issued birth certificate, passport, military ID, or alien registration card are acceptable as proof of age. Hospital issued birth certificates and baptismal certificates are not accepted. Proof of age must mailed to BYSC, PO Box 861, Bellevue WA 98009 or scanned and emailed to by the day following registration. Players will not be placed on teams until Proof of Age is received. Not sure what age group to sign up for? Click here for the 2013 Fall Soccer Age Chart.

Bellevue Youth Soccer Club Team Placement & Team Formation Policies

  • Players returning to the Club, wishing to return to the previous season's team (2012) and registering within the first three weeks of open registration (April 1, through April 21), will receive priority placement to the previous season's team only.
  • Players returning to the Club who DO NOT wish to return to the previous season's team (2012), players new to the Club and those players registering after the first three weeks of open registration - April 21 - will be placed in the general player pool and placed on teams as space is available based on registration date, school of attendance and neighborhood.

  • Players who do not live or attend school within the BYSC boundaries - south of SR520, north of I-90 east of Lake Washington and west of I-405, will be placed on teams on a space available basis, after the open registration period - May 31.

  • Requests to play with friends and specific coaches will not be granted other than the priority placement provision for returning players listed under the first bullet above. No exceptions.

  • Placement will take into account date of registration (payment must be received before a time stamp is valid), school of attendance and neighborhood.
  • Click here for TEAM FORMATION POLICY


August 1, is the last day that requests for refunds will be honored. A $25 processing fee will be deducted from the refunded registration amount of ALL withdrawal/cancellation requests made before August 1. Late fees and ticket purchases are not refundable. Please email with your refund request BEFORE AUGUST 1. Please include player's name and age, payee's name and address, and the reason for the withdrawal/refund request.


Scholarships are avilable for registration fees only. There is a $25 processing fee. Any late fees or merchandise must be paid for by the participant. Please send a written request and include a copy of Bellevue School District eligibility for free and reduced price meals, to BYSC, PO Box 861, Bellevue WA 98009. Requests will be considered on a case by case basis.

Playing Up

All players (U6 through U12) are required to play on a team at their age appropriate level. Please refer to the Registration - Age Eligibility Chart. The only exception will be players that are grade appropriate and players who were already on a roster before this rule took effect - March 18, 2009.

Playing Down

Play-downs will be in accordance with the WYS and EYSA medical play-down policy. There will be no exceptions. To request a medical play-down, please submit a physician's letter and the four required WYS/EYSA forms (click here) to BYSC, PO Box 861, Bellevue, 98009 or scan and email to

Micro Program Information

Click Here for more information regarding the Micro program.

What are the Different Levels of Soccer?

The majority of players in the BYSC play recreational soccer. The goal of this program is to provide a fun and rewarding atmosphere where boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 18 (U11 to U19) can develop soccer skills, foster friendships, stay physically fit, and have fun.

Each year after registration is complete gender specific teams of 13 to 18 players are created. Existing players, if they so choose, can return to the team they played on the previous season. New players are allocated to teams using a random process (i.e. no selection or consideration given to skill level).

Recreational soccer teams generally begin practicing in August with games beginning the first weekend in September. The season is usually ten games long with games against teams from Issaquah, Mercer Island, or other Bellevue based teams. At older age groups teams sometimes need to travel farther (Snoqualmie, Carnation, etc.) to find opponents. Recreational soccer teams can elect to play in the State sponsored Presidents Cup end of season tournament but must register to do so by early September.

Select Soccer Each year some BYSC players look for a higher level of play than is available in our recreational soccer leagues. The answer may be the Club Select Program. Club Select play, which is often referred to as District Select, is a level of play somewhere between that of recreational and Premier play. Generally, the travel, cost and time commitment of the Club Select program is considerably less than that of the Premier program, but greater than recreational soccer.

Club Select provides an opportunity for stronger players to play at a higher level of competition with other select players. Club Select players generally find that their game improves greatly when they have a full team of higher level players to work with. Club Select play appeals to the player seeking a level of competition higher than recreational ball but not able or willing to commit to a year-round program such as Premier. Club Select players fall generally into two categories - the good athlete who is active in other sports and is unwilling to make soccer their primary commitment (which is what Premier soccer expects) or the average athlete who enjoys soccer and wants to participate in the game at a more challenging level.

Selection to a Club Select team is made via tryouts which are open to all players. Select coaches are required to meet minimum qualifications, which the BYSC monitors. Travel for games is around the Puget Sound region from Bothell to Olympia, Maple Valley to Gig Harbor. Issues such as practice location, team finances, pre and post season tournament participation are addressed independently by each team.

Premier Soccer Premier is a full-year soccer program that competes at the most competitive levels in the State. Premier is an opportunity for the top players from each club to form a team of the "best of the best." Teams are formed through tryouts which typically occur in the Spring. At the younger ages, "premier" soccer means that you are playing soccer approximately 10-11 months per year with motivated teammates under the direction of experienced, paid, professional coaches. Teams endeavor to play at the highest level in their local districts (U11 and U12) and at the state level U13 and above. Costs vary but they are typically more costly than that of Select Soccer and travel is more demanding. Eastside Football Club (EFC) is our sister Premier Club, for more information click here.