BYSC Player Code of Conduct

As a player in the Bellevue Youth Soccer Club (BYSC), I understand that I must follow the rules listed below to remain in good standing with BYSC:

  • I will Honor the Game. Soccer is a game that I play for fun, to make friends and to improve my soccer skills.
  • I will learn and follow the Laws of the Game and the BYSC rules and play the game fairly.
  • I will not argue with or criticize the referee or linesperson, even though I will sometimes disagree with their calls.
  • I will demonstrate good sportsmanship and behavior before, during and after practices and games.
  • I understand that soccer is a game and that the players on the other team are my opponents, not my enemies, and should be treated as I would like to be treated.
  • I will remember that my coach is a volunteer, coaching for the love of the game and I will respect and be appreciative of his/her time and commitment to me and my team.
  • I will help parents and fans understand the Laws of the Game and the BYSC rules so they can watch and enjoy the game better.

2011 EYSA Referee/Coach/Parent Handbook: EYSA Handbook

What if I disagree with my coach? What if I feel mistreated by my coach? Always try to resolve the conflict directly with the coach in person and then follow up with an email to confirm resolution or to inform of further action if unable to reach an agreement. Please email if both parties are unable to settle reasonably.

What if I disagree with the referee? Do not attempt to confront the referee during or after the game. Often, the game official will be a middle school or high school student. Please allow the Referee coordinator and member clubs to intervene in referee disputes. Make a note of the situation, recall accounts from your perspective as well as other parent observers (including the coach), complete the Referee Evaluation (link below) and send an email report to

Referee Evaluations: To leave an evaluation (both good and bad) of a referee go to