EYSA Needs Soccer Referees – Especially Adult Referees!

Referees Are Needed for the Recreational Games

  • We need referees for about 200 games per weekend (mostly Saturdays) within EYSA
  • Pay is $15 - $30 per ref per game. There's a bonus of $100 for refereeing 10 recreational games in the fall.
  • You must be state certified to be a referee
    • To get a certification, you need to take 2 hours of online training, take a 6-8 hour clinic and pass a test.
    • Referees need to be 13 or older - You must be at least 2 years older than the players you are ref'ing. At least 1 year older for assistant referees (ARs). So if you will be 13 by Oct 1, 2013, you can become a referee for EYSA.
  • We need adult referees, too, for the older aged games!!

For more information on becoming a referee go here: http://www.eysareferees.org/display?help=Information&topic=FAQ

EYSA has scheduled a number of entry level certification clinics this summer:

  • June 24,25 - Issaquah - Eastside Fire and Rescue
  • July 15,17 - Mercer Island - Presbyterian Church
  • July 31,Aug 1 - Mercer Island - Presbyterian Church
  • Aug 13,15 - Issaquah - Eastside Fire and Rescue
  • Aug 20,21 - Mercer Island - Presbyterian Church

There are a number of other clinics in the Seattle area already scheduled and more to come.

The cost is $65 for a Grade 8 certification (or a Grade 9 certification). You take the same training for both levels of certification, but the Grade 8 is a 100 question test and the Grade 9 is a 50 question test. You must score 75% on either test to pass. (If you pay attention to the online training and pay attention at the clinic, it should be no problem passing either test.)

  • We strongly recommend everyone get a Grade 8 certification. Some referee organizations will not accept Grade 9 beginning this year.
  • The Grade 9 is going to limit you to just U08-U14 recreational games and it's going to require that you retake this same course again if you want to upgrade to a Grade 8.
  • Grade 8 referees can referee recreational games, select games and premier games. They can be center referees and assistant referees (also known as sideline refs and ARs).

To sign up for a clinic, register with the Washington State Referee Committee's website, find a clinic and sign up.

Let one of us know if you have questions. We'll gladly help you get set up as a referee.

EYSA Referee Coordinators:

Bellevue Youth Soccer Club - Tobey Bryant - RefRegTobey@comcast.net


The Eastside Youth Soccer Association Referees Program provides Referees to officiate soccer matches scheduled by the Clubs requesting coverage. If you cannot find the information you are seeking, contact Webmaster@EYSAReferees.org.

Click here to find out how to recertify for 2013.

Becoming a Referee

Benefits of Being a Referee

FAQ about Referees

Grade 8 or Grade 9?

How Refereeing Works

Minimum Referee Requirements

Referee Pay

Uniform and Equipment - Starter Kits

Uniform and Equipment Requirements

Who are the Referees


Required Paperwork

Rules of the Game

FIFA Documents

Handling the Ball



If you have questions about getting registered for a referee clinic or scheduled to officiate a match, please contact Webmaster@EYSAReferees.org.

Click here to learn about Scheduling and Self-Assigning.