Scheduling & Self-Assigning

Referee Scheduling & Self-Assigning:

  • Choose games at the appropriate level.
  • Maximum of 3 games per day.
  • If you are interested in doing a game at a level higher than what the website will allow email

Wear your referee uniform & cleats (if possible). Dress appopriately for the weather conditions. Bring a timer, EYSA Handbook, paper and pencil for writing scores and notes and arrive 20 minutes prior to the match. Go to to report scores after the match and take the time to rate the teams.

Referee Scheduling & Cancellation:

  • If a game must be turned back 2 days before the assignment, then do so through
  • If a game must be turned back LESS than 2 days before the assignment. You will need approval from the EYSA Webmaster - You may need to find a substitute if the match is not filled.

No Show or Late Cancellation Policy:

1st offense - Warning with documentation
2nd offense - Written warning of necessary action
3rd offense - Written notice of dismissal